Friday, 13 February 2009

Romanian Duck Releases Antichrist Egg Into the World

This is just too hilarious not to mention!

There is no translation that I know of for the article at so in a nutshell, it announces that a duck belonging to some peasant in a Black Sea Coast village in Romania has brought the Antichrist into the world in the shape of two and a half black eggs!!!! Yes, that’s right! Two and a half!

The village priest has been brought in to exorcise the abominations and order the Antichrist back to where it came from. The efforts were unsuccessful, as the eggs did not let themselves persuaded to jump back into the duck’s orifice from which they had emerged. It is suspected that the duck had sold its soul to the Devil, of course, and that this extraordinarily apocalyptical event is related to the biometric passports the Romanian government is trying to impose on its innocent citizens, thus cunningly branding them with the number of the Beast.

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  1. God help us all! It is Friday the 13th as well!!! It all adds up now...