Monday, 13 July 2009

One Day, Huh?

The following is an edited part of an email I received earlier today from a friend. The thoughts concern another good friend who is now going through a rough patch and who has lately started to see only the cloud, and no longer the silver lining around it. However, it applies to more than one person that I know of. Maybe even more will take a minute to look in the mirror, remember who they are, how unimportant some things that we strive for are and how important those that we already have, but often forget about.

Let’s hope that ‘the depression will begin to lift and he will be able to see more clearly and eventually be able to review the vicious circle he is trapped in and try to change his objectives and stop chasing impossible dreams. […] He never stayed in today, but was always running as fast as he could towards tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. He is someone […] who never stopped to smell the roses and one day he will be dead and sitting on a cloud wondering what it was all about!’ He is […] ‘looking in all the wrong directions, putting his faith in all the wrong people and making the same mistake over and over again. I wonder if he will ever learn that happiness is now, within, and waiting to be allowed to emerge, not somewhere beyond, with a label on it. Until he allows his brain to disconnect from the futility and rejoin his spirit he will go on in the same downward self-destructive spiral. He is so open to spiritual (and I don't mean religious) ideas, healing thoughts, and ideas unconnected to materialism...that it would only take a small step or a few small steps to break free of the trap he is in and begin again. […] He takes on board enough garbage and waffle from those people he thinks are so wonderful, yet turns away from those of us who really care about him. One day, huh?’


  1. important things, like paying the rent, right?

  2. hmm... yes, neagrigore, I thought you might be one of the first people to react to this. But yes, I do see your point.