Friday, 11 December 2009

Reply from the Problem Solving Executive

Dear Mr. R.,

Please allow me to provide you with an explanation regarding the situation that you have brought to our attention.

First of all, according to our Orange Thank You programme, if you have been with Orange more than one year, you can pay for service plans and Orange options by calling 434 (free of charge). You need to provide your customer number (it can be found on your bill), your password and the number of points you want to use. Please note that the payment should be registered at least 5 days before the issuing date of the bill which you want to pay for.

Due to the fact that we want to simplify this process for you, we paid for your next bill with all the points you have earned since March 2008. Therefore, you will find a discount on your December invoice, in the amount of  34.30 Euro (VAT included). Nonetheless, the invoice issued on November 12th 2009 needs to be paid for in full, in order for your subscription not to be suspended. Any further discounts will be applied to invoices to be issued only.

Then, in what concerns the fact that you don’t receive your printed format bills in due time for you to make the payment, I suggest that you use our electronic invoice service. The issuing of Orange invoices in electronic format is free of charge and it gives you the possibility to access your monthly bill via in the first 5 days after the issuing date.

Another matter that you addressed to us refers to the unilateral cancellation of the Service Agreement for the new 0752xxxxxx subscription. According to the article 1.17 of the “General terms and conditions for the use of Orange service plans” that you agreed on, upon signing the contract of your new subscription, “The Service Agreement may be cancelled unilaterally, without intervention by a court of law and without no additional formalities other than those provided below, as follows:

a)At the initiative of the Customer, in the following situations:


  ii) during the Minimum Service Agreement Period, by means of written notice sent to Orange Romania at least 30 (thirty) calendar days prior to the date when the cancellation is due to take effect and following the payment of a sum of money comprising the Amount of the Service Plan multiplied by the number of months remaining until the expiration of the Minimum Service Agreement Period. “

Taking into account those mentioned above, I regret to inform you that the unilateral cancellation requested by you is possible at the end of the Minimum Service Agreement Period of the 0752xxxxxx subscription (this is on the 10th of November 2011) or before that term with the payment of the “Amount of the Service Plan” multiplied by 23 months.

I may suggest to you, though, the suspension of services for a limited amount of time. This is possible up to 3 months per year and it can be reckoned from the time of the request, but not retroactively.

Hoping that this response will be clarifying any obscure points from your complaint we remain at your service through the dedicated line for Customer Service, 456.

Best Regards,

R. D.

Problem Solving Executive

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