Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Croatian Chicken Releases Holy Ghost Egg into the World

Remember the Romanian Duck which released the antichrist egg into the world? (read a reminder at: http://andreeatan.blogspot.com/2009/02/romanian-duck-releases-antichrist-egg.html)

Guess what! A Croatian chicken produced its benign counterpart! Obviously, Divinity is at war with the Antichrist, therefore they are using duck/chicken eggs to duel on Earth…

chickenSo, the short version is that a Croatian chicken started laying green eggs (as opposed to the black ones which bore the Antichrist, of course!) just before Easter. http://senzatzional.ro/fetitza-s-a-ouat-oua-verzi)

Now the owners, instead of being pleased that they didn’t have to dye eggs for Easter anymore, they are mad at the chicken for being colorblind. They would have preferred red eggs, obviously! Duh

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